Freestanding Dividers Fixed Divider

Freestanding Dividers Fixed Divider

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shape your space

A modern freestanding divider to shape space in today’s work environments. It enables you to tailor space to better suit its purpose and add additional privacy. Both the mobile and fixed dividers have been crafted to be extremely robust and tested for superior strength and stability.

Standard Features

2″ lightweight panel core

1/4″ White powder coated steel base,

9 finish options available including whiteboard

Aluminum Edge Guard (Standard version only)

Fixed and mobile feet options

Fixed Divider



  • 48″h x 30″w
  • 54″h x 30″w
  • 60″h x 30″w
  • 48″h x 36″w
  • 54″h x 36″w
  • 60″h x 36″w